Osteria La Tecchia
Our Osteria brings to the table all the flavors and tastes typical of traditional Tuscan cuisine.
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Via G. Garibaldi, 81/83<br/ >55045 - Pietrasanta (LU)

Buon Ricordo

We are part of the Union of Buon Ricordo, the first association of restaurateurs born in Italy with the aim of safeguarding and enhancing the many Italian gastronomic traditions.

Menu of Buon Ricordo

Pappa al pomodoro and stracciatella
First course
Spaghetti “cavalieri” with clams from Viareggio
Second course
Slice of fish of the day all’isolana
Tile with pine nuts from Versiliana and salted caramel


The menu is offered at 55 euros with delivery of the dish of good memory